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Autono-Med Limited was formed by a small group of like minded individuals who share the passion for finding solutions to problems that are so common and have been around for so long, that they become accepted as “one of those things”.

From a variety of backgrounds, but with several common threads between them, these individuals refuse to simply accept the plights of those with unfortunate lifestyle challenges and spend significant amounts of time in looking for solutions.

Until now, this has been carried out on a one-by-one basis, typically improving the “lot” of just one specific individual. It became apparent however that by pooling resources and addressing the needs of those who have challenges in common, that the effectiveness of their collective efforts could be increased dramatically. This was when Autono-med was formed.

If you would like to know more about the individuals, please email us at
legals#autonomed.com If you have a problem you would like us to consider, then let us know about it. If you have, or would like to investigate new and innovative ideas with us, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Our Mission Statement

  • Autono-Med Ltd is a company that helps many people with challenges live life to the full. Resources will be added as the organisation grows to help you have the best quality of life you can.

  • Autonomed is not a “dot com” – it is a bricks and mortar business that also happens to use the Internet as a channel for our customers to get the fastest response possible.

    Our commitment is to give you the best insight we can on those areas that touch your health and independence.

  • We want to bring new things into your life that will positively affect your everyday lifestyle – improving your life is our passion.

  • Autonomed is committed to improving the lifestyle of those many people for whom "normal living" is a challenge.

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